Activities: Things to do in Bocas del Toro

Zipline in Isla Bastimento

The jungle from above 🐸!

The zipline basically consists of moving through extended and inclined steel cables that are attached to each end of the trees, forming a tourist attraction and is considered one of the most exciting activities.

In Bocas the zipline takes place within the tropical jungles of Bastimentos Island

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours doing 7 zip lines including the Tarzan, suspension bridge, descent etc.

It is advisable to bring repellent, sunscreen, comfortable clothing and moisturizers to refresh.

Yacht and sailing charters

Relaxing navigation through the Caribbean Sea of Panama ⛵!

Travel in style through the archipelago of Bocas del Toro and visit Starfish Beach, Zapatilla Cays or Escudo de Veraguas Island.

Price: $1000 – $1875 for private charter up to 8 people


Diving is one of the most relaxing activities if what you like is the sea. Bocas del Toro offers you clear and warm waters so that your stay in the sea is comfortable.

Most of the dives are from 12 to 16 meters deep with the exception of places where you can dive deeper.

You will be able to appreciate different species such as: spotted eagle rays, southern rays, lobsters, parrotfish, barracudas, squid, crabs, trumpet fish, puffer fish, stars and seahorses.

Bocas del Toro has countless places to dive.

Sport fishing

A good fishing afternoon with beer and your best friends 🎣!

Boca Chica and the Gulf of Chiriquí are the perfect places to practice sport fishing because from them you have better access to excellent areas such as: Hannibal Bank, Isla Parida, Montuosa, Islas Secas, Isla Coiba, Ladrones.

You can find varied spices such as: black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish and yellow fin tuna and with better techniques and luck the roosterfish, snapper, dorado.

The depth of the waters reaches 2,000 feet at 3 miles and 5,000 feet at 9 miles offshore in some areas of the sport fishing zone in Bocas del Toro.

Surf of all levels

Best Seasons

  • December and January: we are going to find the biggest and most consistent swell of the year.
  • February: it has very good waves and great weather!
  • March: The surf is starting to drop a bit, but we still get a large number of visitors for spring break.

Best destinations

We have the best places for you to have fun while surfing, from beaches with low waves, to world-class waves.

For more information visit: The best beaches and surf spots in Bocas del Toro

Guided Surf Tours

In Bocas del Toro there are professional schools and certified instructors waiting for you to offer you one of the most extreme experiences at sea.

Whether you want to learn or are a professional.

If you want more information you can visit: 4 great surf schools in Bocas del Toro

Travel to Bocas del Toro with your own boards

Currently both commercial airlines (Air Panama or Aero Albrook), as well as charter flights with Aero Albrook have a fleet flexible enough to bring surfboards to Bocas del Toro.

Depending on the season, commercial airlines have a surcharge of between $20 and $40 per board.

Board Rental in Bocas del Toro

Bocas has several schools that offer board rental services to ensure that your trip is more bearable.

Among them we can recommend:

Mono Loco Surf School: They have 2 categories of boards for rent such as: Top Shelf and Regular Shelf.

La Buga Dive & Surf: is a 5-star Padi school and center that offers board rental service from $20 to $100, depending on the number of hours to use.

For more information about surfboard rental visit the following directory: 4 surfboard rental stores in Bocas del Toro

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